How to Best Prevent Your Semi Truck Brakes From Overheating and What to Do If You Notice an Issue

Overheated semi truck brakes are something that no driver wants to have to deal with. And often, this kind of problem can be prevented entirely. However, there are cases in which the brakes overheat – and sometimes even catch fire!-before the problem is identified.

It’s important to get regular checkups to ensure that your brakes are in good condition. This will reduce the chance of your brakes overheating while you’re driving, which is dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

What are the Most Common Reasons for Brake Fires?

There are a number of reasons as to why your semi truck brakes might overheat and catch fire. These reasons include:

Poor Braking Method

Not every driver uses the right braking method. Are you ever guilty of this? If so, you should work to get in the habit of braking correctly! If you see or smell smoke after braking, you need to pull over and turn the truck off right away. If you’re on a downhill slope, get to the bottom of the hill and stop there.

Dragging Brakes

Brakes that are dragging as you drive can lead to issues such as overheated brakes. Not just that, but also wheel bearing failure or wheel grease fires that can even make their way to the tires of the truck. This kind of issue is most common on the rear trailer of the semi truck.

Poorly-Balanced Brakes

A brake imbalance can result in the overheating of disc brakes. This can lead to the bearing grease catching fire. Poorly-balanced brakes occur most often in a multiple-trailer semi when not all of the trailers are braking properly, thus the imbalance.

Wheel Bearing Failure

As stated above, dragging brakes can result in failed wheel bearings. This means that the wheel axis is off the center line of the axle. When it’s off-center and the brakes are dragging, a fire can occur from overheating. Plus, when one is off-center, another might soon follow, causing even further issues.

What You Can Do to Lower Your Chances of Overheating

It’s important that you get regular maintenance checkups with a mobile tire truck repair or 24-hour truck tire repair service in order to lower your chances of experiencing serious problems on the road. It is also important that, if you do notice anything strange while driving, you pull over and do your own inspection or call a mobile truck repair service or 24-hour truck repair service to give you a hand and make sure that your truck is safe to drive.

You can conduct your own inspection by looking at the brakes, wheels, and tires, checking for blown wheel seals and other potential issues. You should also make sure that there is no buildup of oil or grease around the wheels, axles, and engine.

Kenworth New Trucks With Enhanced Durability and Performance


The T680 is a model that is best known for its fuel efficiency. For a gallon of fuel, this truck can make the maximum mileage. The vehicle is designed to improve the overall driving performance of the drivers. The engine of the T680 is the PACCAR powertrain. It uses the advanced manufacturing process that makes the truck fuel efficient. It is also light in weight, making it easy to repair the engine and the other components when necessary. It comes with variations like 12-speed automated transmission, proprietary 40K tandem axle, and medium-duty engines. All of these are designed for performing efficiently within a low operational cost. They are also reliable and durable.

Icon 900

This is a limited-edition line of trucks that are manufactured to showcase the pride of the owner. This does not mean that the efficacy and performance are compromised. All the accessory packages are fitted at the manufacturer’s place. The truck is adorned with the Silver Kenworth Bug badges in the hood, dash, door panels, and on the glove box.


The Kenworth new trucks are known for versatility, and T660 just proves it one more time. It can be used as a linehaul, pick-up truck, regional haul, and as a delivery truck too. This is one of the most efficient conventional truck manufactured to ensure that the fuel efficiency is of high standards. For those, who look for freedom of driving, sense of clarity and comfort, T660 is the best choice.


C500 from Kenworth is designed for off-road applications that are meant to be most robust. This rugged, high performing and the hard-wearing truck is known for its functionality among the other pickups of the manufacturer. The cab options of this truck are increased, and the vehicle has 2 new hoods. The truck also boasts of more significant cooling module from the manufacturer. It is the wagon that suits the users who are looking for a maneuverable truck that is fit for a wide range of operations. With appreciable headroom options, this is more versatile than any other day cab found in the market.


Traditional packages never lose their appeal even with the new range of trucks released. The standard package that incorporates most of the necessary new technologies is the best. Toughness, performance, and driver’s satisfaction are never compromised in the W900, which comes with the traditional package. Regardless of what work needs to be done, the truck will perform it to successfully. For the drivers, all required comfort is offered by this model, and for all the applications where payload matters, W900 represents the solution.

Important Safety Measures for Box Trailers

Road safety is maybe the most important thing while driving a vehicle with a box trailer attached. Many traffic accidents are made because of driver’s poor towing experience. It is necessary some safety measures to be taken for towing your trailer safely.

Regardless if a trailer is used for business or private reasons, it is crucial to take care of its proper loading, towing and maintenance. This will allow the box trailer to work in its perfect order.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the trailer towing capacity. It’s something that should not be exceeded. Remember that every trailer has a maximum weight that it can bear. Any weight overcoming can lead to accidents because of damaged mechanisms or other components. Recommended towing weight is 85% of the limit. Don’t forget to include the weight of the passengers, load and the trailer itself. If the total weight is higher, it’s more difficult to stop the vehicle which tows a trailer. An interesting fact is that trailers don’t have a specific speed limit. However, watch out the speed constantly when you drive along the road and keep a greater distance between you and the vehicles in front of you.

Another important aspect that affects the vehicle handling is the proper load weight distribution. When loading your box trailer, put the heaviest items in the centre. Like so, the load will be evenly distributed. Find the optimal load weight: a smaller load can cause a lack of balance of the trailer; otherwise, too much load can overload the towing suspension of the vehicle.

Brakes are important too. Check if they are working properly. The lights should be synchronized with the brakes. It’s wise to replace the brake fluid once in a year in order to minimize the brake corrosion. Even better, replace them completely. If your trailer is used to carry heavier load – install electronic brakes. You can invest more in your trailer by getting a brake controller.

To increase the lifetime of the tyres, they have to be maintained accurately. Make sure to provide enough space around the sides in order to avoid tyre rubbing on the frame. You can save yourself money and energy by securing the proper tyre air pressure.

In Love With Pickup Trucks

There has always been a rave about pickup trucks since they were available for the everyday driver to own. There are so many advantages to having a pickup truck and so many appearance and performance upgrades that can be done to one.

Pickup trucks are great for any construction business or businesses that require transporting many items. Some of these companies want to save courier costs so one of these is fantastic for transporting goods.

Generally these are off-road vehicles which means that climbing over bricks, rocks and up hills is an easy task. Because they have been designed to climb over obstacles, they also have a very high suspension that makes bumps unfelt.

Modifying these pickup trucks is also the fun part about owning one. Almost anything can be changed into something attractive.

Proper off-road tyres have been specifically designed to go into the wilderness and climb up mountains. They are practical for this purpose and look like grunge accessories. It is important to keep in mind that these specialised tyres are quite costly and should rather be put on only when going on such an adventure.

Many people who have no use for the back of the pickup trucks usually put amazing sound systems in it. These sound systems are usually large with a variation of LED lights. The largest part of the sound system that many people emphasise on having is the amp.

Bull bars are also usually seen on these monstrous vehicles. Because they were built for construction purposes and to go rock climbing, the bull bar protects the front of the vehicle from getting damaged on hard surfaces that the driver can’t see.

These mini monster trucks can also go almost completely underwater. That is if a snorkel has been installed. Drivers who travel in deep water for leisure always have a snorkel installed so that there is a place for the exhaust gases to escape without flooding the engine with river water.

Rigid and rugged wheels are also the upside of having a pickup truck. These specialised wheels that can be sourced from a wheel importer, can withstand the weight of the car and handle any rocky areas that the tyres roll over. These wheels have only been designed for off-road cars.

Appearances mean a lot to most people. There are different ways that a person can keep up appearances without overdoing it or peacocking expenses items. Pickup trucks are possibly one of the most useful vehicles you can have.

A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Guide With the Most Common Trailers Terms

Buying a trailer for the first time can be a challenging experience, mostly because of not knowing the specific terminology. This is a guide with the most common terms.

Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) refers to the total trailer weight, composed of the trailer weight that is not coupled to a towing vehicle and the total weight of the load. Otherwise, Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) is the total weight of a fully loaded trailer, which is coupled to a towing vehicle. This means GTM will always be less than ATM because part of the towed vehicle weight is transferred to the towing vehicle.

Coupling is the connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle. There are many types of couplings, depending on the loaded weight that has to be towed and the conditions of the towing.

Gross Combined Mass (GCM) as its name says is a maximum combined weight of a vehicle, the passengers, the trailer weight and the load weight. The maximum allowable rate is set by the vehicle manufacturer. Also known by the following terms: Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR), Gross Train Weight (GTW) or Gross Combined Weight (GCW).

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is the maximum weight of a vehicle, including the vehicle’s chassis, body and engine, all the passengers and the cargo. It is obvious the trailer weight is not included in the GVM.

Single Axle Trailer is having one axle attached, with two connected wheels. Specifically for this type is that it can drag a certain weight of a load. On the other hand, Tandem Axle Trailer is having two axles. The total number of wheels is 4. More wheels mean greater stability, so these trailers are excellent for dragging heavier load. It is also known as Dual Axle or Double Axle.

Safety Chains are attached to the trailer, allowing it to remain connected to the towing vehicle in case of their disconnection. They have to be checked every time a trailer is towed.

Tare Mass refers to the empty weight of a trailer. Usually, this weight is stamped on the trailer itself, by the manufacturer.

A Payload is the maximum allowable weight of the load that a trailer is designed to carry. It is the difference between its Tare Mass and its ATM.

VIN is a vehicle information number, containing 17 characters. A trailer is identified by that unique number. Some states in Australia require the VIN to be stamped on the trailer.

Weight Distribution System is a system that increases the towing capacity of a trailer, by improving the handling and braking. The system is located around the couplings, including additional equipment.